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I've decided to scan as much of my family history as I can and what I feel is pertinent, so that everyone will have access to them, and hopefully with today's mediums, they will last for many, many more generations to enjoy.  If you'd like to contribute, please email what you have, and I'll put them on here to share also.

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Anita Sue Hellyer                            Some Memories of My Hometown 

elementary school.jpg (87211 bytes)Oakland School in Lafayette, Indiana, taken in 1977 before it was torn down.  My brother and I attended this school, "walking 10 miles uphill both ways".  Our parents also attended the school.  The top level with the round windows was the gymnasium in our parent's day, although we never saw it, since it was closed for safety's sake. christmas tree.jpg (121326 bytes)The Carlson Christmas Tree at Purdue Union.  My mother grew this tree at our home on Central Street in Lafayette from a 2" sapling.  She endured a lot of teasing for having faith in that little twig, but look what it grew up to!  After Dad died in 1980, and the house had to be sold, plans were made to cut down the tree because it was too big. ( I can just see my Mom laughing at that!)  I was upset with that idea, but my brother Tom came to the rescue and thought of a way to preserve the memory of this tree.  We donated the tree to the Purdue Union for their annual Christmas Tree.  That's Erik Carlson, Tom's son, in the picture.

The Carlsons

Granna.jpg (68529 bytes) granna1.jpg (65403 bytes) Granna2.jpg (50054 bytes) Granna3.jpg (60673 bytes)

Thanks to our Windjammer friends from Sweden, 
Anders and Susanne, for these sights around Granna,
Sweden, where Gustaf and many of his family members
lived before coming to the U.S.

poly.jpg (124928 bytes)

Gustaf Carlson

My first Carlson to emigrate from Sweden.  Gustaf was born Feb. 26, 1839 in Granna, Sweden, the son of Carl Jaensson (Jansson) and Maja Andersdotter Mell.  He married Maria Inga Johansdotter on Dec. 31, 1868.
On April 3, 1869 he moved to North America.

Father of Harry A. Carlson

Springvale&Gust.jpg (243878 bytes)

Springvale Cemetery



SpringvaleGustaf.jpg (268474 bytes)

Springvale Cemetery
Lafayette, Indiana

Thanks to Lena Carlson for the map & directions to Gustaf and others!


Maria Inga (Johansdotter) Carlson
Born 7/8/1849 in Vrigstad, Sweden

Wife of Gustaf Carlson

carlsonmary.jpg (28567 bytes)

Children of Gustaf & Mary (Maria Inga)Alfrid, born in Sweden in 1869, drowned in Chicago in 1890; Charles, born in Lafayette, IN in 1871, died 1872; Theodore, born in 1873; Augusta, born in 1876, died in 1881; Edward, born in 1878; Harry A., born in 1882; and twins Wilma (Mae) & William Gust, born in 1885. 

First Generation of Carlsons born in the USA

Gustaf's and Mary's Children

Carlsons1.jpg (48384 bytes)


Theodore F.Carlson & Anna (Berkland) Carlson

Son of Gustaf Carlson

springvaletheoanna.jpg (223593 bytes)


Edward J. Carlson
Son of Gustaf Carlson       

Springvale Cemetery

SpringvaleEdward.jpg (249064 bytes)
Elizabeth McMahan
Wife of Edward J. Carlson

Springvale Cemetery

SpringvaleEdsWifeEliz.jpg (245324 bytes)


Harry A. Carlson
Born 2/8/1882 in Lafayette, IN 

Son of Gustaf Carlson

harrya.jpg (149336 bytes)

CarlsonHarryA.jpg (33283 bytes)

harry_at_work.jpg (518996 bytes)

The Wagon Works

SpringvaleHarryA.jpg (282194 bytes)

Springvale Cemetery

Emma (Hickok) Carlson
Born 10/7/1882 in Elston, IN     

Wife of Harry A. Carlson

CarlsonEmma.jpg (15798 bytes) SpringvaleEmma.jpg (299720 bytes)

Springvale Cemetery

Children of Harry A. and EmmaBaby, born & died in 1909; Mary Francis (Pete) born in 1910; twins Olive and Opal, born in 1915; Harry H., born in 1916; John, born in 1920; Edward Russell, born in 1922; and Charles, born in 1924. 

The Carlson Children

carlsonkids.jpg (107888 bytes)

carlsonkids1.jpg (89831 bytes)

carlsons.jpg (93873 bytes)

Mary Francis (Aunt Pete) (Carlson) Wells and Walter Wells
Born in 1910, in Lafayette, Indiana

Daughter of Harry A. Carlson

aunt_pete.jpg (161278 bytes)

walter & pete.jpg (39684 bytes)

Harry H. and Charles Carlson

In Lafayette, Indiana


Thanks to Lena Carlson for these two pictures.

Charles and Edward Russell

In Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


Harry Harlan Carlson

Son of Harry A. Carlson

dad.jpg (23617 bytes)

harry jason.jpg (59670 bytes)

Harry & grandson
 Jason Livingston

harry tom jason1.jpg (63862 bytes)

Harry, Tom Carlson 
& Jason (& mom's
tree) 9/1971

harry tom jason.jpg (100003 bytes)

Harry, Jason, Tom
Tom's wedding 1973

RestHavenHarryH.jpg (283330 bytes)

Rest haven
Lafayette, IN

Dorothy Helen (Bradshaw) Carlson         

Wife of Harry Harlan Carlson

dorothy.jpg (252849 bytes)


dorothy1.jpg (17633 bytes)


harry dorothy wedding.jpg (469237 bytes)
Mom & Dad's wedding.  First Christian Church

RestHavenDorothy.jpg (297568 bytes)

Rest haven

tomanita.jpg (79556 bytes)Children of Harry H. & Dorothy Carlson: Thomas A. Carlson, Anita S. Carlson 




Thomas Alan Carlson

Son of Harry H.Carlson &

Dorothy Helen (Bradshaw) Carlson

tom.jpg (21146 bytes)

tom1.jpg (25729 bytes)

tom2.jpg (24413 bytes)

Children (Kelcey, Katie & Erik) and Grandchildren of Tom Carlson

katie1.jpg (21949 bytes)

Tom with daughters Katie & Kelcey & nephew Jason


ReceptionKelceyDave.jpg (123532 bytes)

Kelcey (Carlson) & Dave Lawson's Wedding Reception 9/8/01.  Katie (Carlson) Maish is next to Kelcey.

 Thanksgiving.jpg (114431 bytes)

Thanksgiving 2001
Anita & Gary Hellyer, Tom & Erik Carlson, and Jason Livingston
Warrenton, MO

JandJMaish.jpg (6249 bytes)
Katie & Jamey's boys Jackson & Garrett
Christmas 2001


Anita Sue (Carlson) (Livingston) Hellyer

Son of Harry H.Carlson &

Dorothy Helen (Bradshaw) Carlson


anita.jpg (23385 bytes)

Oakland Grade School

anita_high_school.jpg (149234 bytes)

Jefferson High School
Graduation Picture

gary anita wedding.jpg (104429 bytes)

Gary & Anita's Wedding
July 11, 1992, in St. Louis.
My brother Tom, and Rev.
Rex Loy officiated.

Jason C. Livingston

Son of Anita Sue (Carlson)
(Livingston) Hellyer

anita1.jpg (30740 bytes)


jasonpier.jpg (22553 bytes)

Huntington Beach,

kindergardenjasonsmall.jpg (12080 bytes)

Logansport, IN

6thgradejasonsmall.jpg (18853 bytes)

6th Grade

jasontelescope.jpg (12348 bytes)

Jason's first telescope
Greenfield, IN

jasontelescope1.jpg (16100 bytes)
His present telescope, doing what he enjoys most.
St. Charles, MO

The Hickoks

Harlan & Eliza (Eddings) Hickok

Parents of Emma (Hickok) Carlson

SpringvaleElizaHarlan.jpg (251915 bytes)

The Bradshaws

J. Wesley Bradshaw

Father of Dorothy (Bradshaw) Carlson

ResthavenJWesley.jpg (238109 bytes)

Rest Haven Cemetery

Tommie (Dohoney) Bradshaw

Mother of Dorothy (Bradshaw) Carlson


RestHavenTommie.jpg (287121 bytes)
Rest Haven Cemetery

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